Working on Fire has established a regional presence in Australia as an international supplier of Integrated Fire Management and climate change services to the international market. The products and services we offer have been researched, tried, tested and implemented in a number of developed and developing countries across the Globe.

Our Integrated Fire Management services include among other - fire fighting; prevention and detection as well as suppression -  both in aerial and ground operations. Our experience ranges across vegetation types, including tropical climate;  cultures and  socio-environmental tensions and we have been working alongside relevant stakeholders to succeed in our key focus, namely - to find a local solution for a local problem.

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Working on Fire International (Australia) is an Australian registered company, employing Australians, that provides Integrated Fire Management Services (IFMS) to local authorities  and private landowners in rural communities in Australia. Informed by years of global hands-on experience in this field in Africa, South America and the Far East, we employ people from local communities, train and equip them, to assist Australian government and provincial authorities and independent landowners to successfully reduce bush fire risk. Our interventions include clearing firebreaks, burning fuel loads, and reducing unwanted bushfire risk with proactive strategic assessment, planning and management.

We are affiliated to Working on Fire International a world leader in the supply of large scale cost effective understory burning, the management of wildfires threatening power line infrastructure and fire related climate change products.

We are committed to serving the communities in which we do business to the best of our ability, fusing global experience with local knowledge to achieve extraordinary results.

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Wildfire conferenceThe 6th International Wildland Fire Conference will be hosted by Korea Forest Service and the Province of Gangwon during 12 - 16 October next year. For the preservation and sustainable use of the world’s environment, all the stakeholders involved in wildland fire management and its related fields such as forestry, climate and meteorology, ecosystem, disaster and security, and human health will take part in the Conference. The participants will share knowledge and experience of fire management methodologies and continue to foster and enhance international cooperation.

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First Seasonal Burns
First Seasonal Burns

Australia started their first burns of the fire season on 1 October this year. It took place at Shotts Industrial Park, east of a small town called Collie in Western Australia.       [ ... ]

Fleet additions
Fleet additions

Australia is ready for the Spring burning programme with 3 fire trucks and 2 bakkies added to its fleet.        

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